CISA Publisher represents the Eurowaste section dealing with transfer to the media (books, reports, textbooks, CD, etc) of the wealth of information accumulated throughout activities performed by the University of Padova (in particular in the field of Waste management and Contaminated site remediation) and by IWWG and member scientists.

IWWG Monograph series

IWWG has established a series of reference books focusing on the aspects of particular interest in the field of waste management.
Contributions for the realization of these texts originate both from papers presented during events organized or promoted by IWWG and from original purpose-written presentations. The overall intent is to make this information promptly available to the waste management community in a concise and organized fashion.
The editors of the monographic volumes are international experts, generally members of the IWWG Scientific Advisory Committee. Editors perform the task of selecting and arranging papers, homogenizing the texts and eventually making constructive suggestions when the original manuscript undergoes significant changes. The responsibility for the technical content of the book lies primarily with the individual Authors.


Conference Proceedings

Other Publications (Italian titles)